I’m Mumming it

I’m well and truly Mumming it. By that I mean I’m responsible for two hairy but lovable Labradors and two small human girls. Up until 6 months ago, I was Mum to Lola.  A spirited and sweet five year old girl . Along came Frankie in October 2016, a perfectly formed bundle of curiosity.

Being a Mum of two has somehow changed my Mum status . I feel I’ve moved onto the next level in the university of Mumming it. By no means does being a mum of one make you any less of a Mum. But once you’ve got two, theres a new qualification in the mix to study , a whole new little person to get it right for.  All the hard work with the first one that you thought was over is beginning all over again only this time the new little person likes things done in a completely different way.

For six months I have been consumed by all things Frankie. I eat, sleep, repeat and everything else with Frankie.  She’s a wonderful, constantly beaming with the biggest beautiful smile, noisy, hilarious, sometimes the cause of frustration, little being. She is attached to me like an infant koala bear for most of the day,  feeding off me when she pleases, screeching with contempt at the highest humanly possibly octave when she’s put down on her play mat. It seems she only wants to be in my arms.

It’s been six months since I slept a full nights sleep. I’m tired. But I keep reminding myself that this will time will pass in the blink of an eye. These days of them being small and reliant on me are numbered, my other baby, my first born, is already no longer a baby.

She’s grown into a sweet, well mannered, 5 year old.  She’s got a few tricks up her sleeve to get goodies from Claire’s accessories. There seems to be one in every shopping centre here in Dubai. You can’t simply walk past it. It’s impossible to avoid the yank of the arm and the dragging of my tired weary self into the shop. Hand sanitizer in a rubber animal shaped casing seems to be the latest fad.

The two of them are proving to be opposites in personality, but their growing bond seems to be showing a complimentary, ying and yang kinship between them. It’s also fascinating to watch the two of them unfold into bonefied little people in their own right.

Mumming it is as exhilarating as is it exhausting. Night feeds. Nappy changes. Being covered in vomit. Maths homework. A husband that works away during the week. Let’s not forget the Mums taxi service to the endless parties, play dates and activities.  But I cannot complain.

Life has changed since the BC (before children) days, back then I was at the university of clubbing it. But now I have two small humans to shape into good model citizens whilst being a person in my own right. (Someday soon I fully intend on clubbing it again)  I only hope I can achieve this to the best of my potential and hopefully capture and share some of our favourite moments..


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6 thoughts on “I’m Mumming it

  1. You are totally rocking mummying and with two gorgoues beautiful girls in tow. I am dying for second but not sure I will manage as well as you have! Keep on rocking it Mumma x


  2. Way to go on all mommying fronts! Little ones are challenging enough .. not to mention a couple of furry creatures thrown in for good measure. Keep up the great work!


  3. I have no idea what being a mum of 2 would be like, but reading your post has made me realise that it’s not going to be any easier the 2nd time round but you can still enjoy and have a life whilst bringing the best out of your brood.


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