She naps 🙏🏻

‘When am I going to get an hour to myself’?

This month has marked Frankie’s sixth month since she came into the world, so many things seem to have come at once.  We’re starting to see snippets of independence such as sitting without support, weaning to solid food, babbling the mmm sound (she’s definitely trying to say Mama😉) and she’s been practising holding her weight on all fours and rocking back and forth in anticipation for crawling.  We’ve also moved Frankie from her Snuz pod, to a cot bed.

I absolutely loved having her next to me in the Snuz pod.  She was my adorable little bunk mate.  When Lola was a tiny baby I had her in a moses basket beside my side of the bed.  This worked well for all of us at the time but I wish the Snuz pod was around then, as I found it a much more productive way to sleep for both of us.  I would zip the side down and tightly attach the crib to my bed with the straps.  It allowed Frankie to be in her own space but it gave a sense of co sleeping as she could see and hear me closely.  Frankie cried remarkably less than Lola ever did in her Moses basket.

It was also ideal for breastfeeding because I could just sit up and scoop her up to me, and place her back down when she’d finished feeding, all without getting out of bed.  This was SO much better than exhaustingly dragging my bum out of bed to fetch Lola for feeds.

Now we’ve put Frankie Into Lola’s cot bed, and bought a new mattress.  The great thing about this cot is that you can take the sides off when the little one is ready to move on from a cot.  We’ve only just managed to prize it off Lola at the age of five.  During the night Frankie seems to be very content in it as she can roll back and too and lay herself on her side, she seems to enjoy the space and being able to starfish herself in it.  I’m glad we didn’t buy the sleepyhead for that reason.

Whats been bugging us is that for the past few weeks she’s not been great at daytime napping, she only seems to be happy falling & staying asleep in my arms, which leaves me wondering, ‘when am I going to get an hour to myself’? Don’t get me wrong, I love the snuggles and closeness, I would miss it if stopped entirely but I’m finding it hard to get anything done for myself.  I go to bed when the girls go to sleep in the evening as were up at 5.30am for the school run and getting the dogs out for a walk before the hot sun. I’m also up between 2-4 times every night doing night feeds, which leaves me exhausted.  Today, I’m feeling a little relieved that I got 30 minutes out of her in her cot.  We will see what tomorrow brings…

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2 thoughts on “She naps 🙏🏻

  1. Omg I could have written this myself!! Oliver is 6 months old too, I feel I can’t complain as he sleeps so well at night but will only nap during the day on me so I find it sooo hard to get anything done!!


    1. It’s just having that one hour to breathe in peace, arms free, that makes you feel like yourself again and not a milk/mummy machine. I guess it won’t last forever, we will be complaining about the lack of cuddles when they decide to stop 😆


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