11 essential items for the hypnobirthing mama!

Apart from some of the most important essentials during birth such as having a supportive birthing partner or having the right care provider. The following products can be used in a home or hospital birthing environment, and bought fairly easily online or in store. These products can be used by all mums to be with pregnancy and birth, but can be particularly useful to the hypnobirthing mama! 

1. Massage oil

Over the course of your pregnancy your going to get your birthing partner to give you the most relaxing massage you can think of, all in prep for when you go into labour. While you’re pregnant, massage is beneficial to you and your baby to help you feel relaxed which reduces harmful effects of cortisol on the growing foetus. When it comes to delivery day massage can encourage the production of lovely oxytocin to run through your body and aid delivery! (I love Neil’s Yard massage oil £19.50)  (click here for UAE stockists)

2. Mp3 player

This doesn’t have to be an actual mp3 player you can also store mp3s on most smartphones. But you can store your chosen relaxing oxytocin encouraging songs, affirmations and calming meditation tracks. Listen to them everyday leading up to the birth, you’ll become so accustomed to their calming effects that you’ll feel wonderfully relaxed on the day your baby comes as you listen to them through the delivery. (Click here for a selection of MP3 players on amazon.com) (click here for UAE delivery)

3. Five flower rescue remedy

The calming properties of this remedy have been known to reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety. Exactly what you need when any feelings of worry may come up in pregnancy and labour. ( £9.99, Holland & Barrett) (UEA stockists)

4. A portable speaker that you can play your mp3s on

You can play your relaxing tracks anywhere you go. The more you play them aloud the more you and your baby will associate them with relaxation. As well as your birthing partner. I chose one with Bluetooth on so I could connect my phone to it. (I love the JBL speaker £119.99, amazon) (AED 799 Virgin Megastores)

5. Clary sage essential oil

When you’re past 37 weeks of pregnancy you can take a nice long soak with clary sage oil. I used this once my surges (contractions) had started as they had started to slow down a bit. The surges seemed to step up a notch after this bath. (Not to be used before 37 weeks) (Holland & Barrett)

6. A comfortable pair of headphones

Great for listening to your mp3s when your in a noisy environment or in bed not wanting to wake your partner up. (Virgin Megastore)

7. A lavender infused wheat bag

A microwaveable, lavender scented pillow that can aid aches and pains through pregnancy and help with discomfort during labour. (£3.50, Wilko) ( The Ripe Market, Dubai)

8. A birthing ball

This can be particularly helpful in early labour with your surges/contractions by rocking back and forth to ease tension.  (£17.99, Birth-ese) (AED 69 Souq.com)

9. An oil burner

Have your birthing environment, wether that be at home or in a hospital, smelling of relaxing and calming essential oils of your choice. Please do some background research on your chosen oil though as not all are suitable for pregnancy or labour. (Amazon.com) (The Laughing Buddha)

10. Lavender essential oil

A wonderfully calming and perfectly safe essential oil to use throughout pregnancy and labour. (£4.40 Holland & Barrett) (AED 69 Holland & Barrett)

11. A comfortable upright birthing cushion (CUB)

When those surges ramp up a notch, you may want to move your body around and adopt an all fours position or a squat. You can put your upper body weight comfortably on this cushion. A squat/sitting position seemed to be the natural position I got myself into for both of my children’s births. This item starts at £120 from https://www.cub-support.com.


What’s on your essential birthing list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!


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One thought on “11 essential items for the hypnobirthing mama!

  1. This is a helpful list, I’ve been practicing hypnobirthing for my first baby due in July. I’m going to buy some lavender oil today. I’m glad to read that hypnobirthing worked for you.

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