Milestones and more

This week I feel I need to write about what’s been going on with both my girls and the major milestones that have taken place.

Firstly I want to talk about all things Lola. Since Frankie came along both Lola’s Dad and I have sort of drummed it into her that she’s got to help out a little around the home now. As in, tidy her room, put her things away, put her own socks on in the morning…that kind of thing. To be fair she grasped most of it, the tidying of her room is hit and miss but she’s starting to move her toys off the floor which is at least something!

Lola, aged 5.

What’s really been noticed is how she’s been taking herself for a shower, washing her own hair, setting the right temperature so she doesn’t get too hot and putting a towel on to get dry. Up until recently I was still running the bath for her and doing all these things for her, of course I’m not far away as I worry about her slipping or getting the dreaded soap in her eyes. But whilst she’s been doing this she’s not once called for my assistance. In one way I feel a little sad as it’s one pretty big leap in her independence but in another she’s getting a bit of confidence for what lies ahead in her future.

This growth in self confidence has however brought about the cheeky side of her. She’s started to answer back. ‘NO’, I’m hearing that a lot at the moment. It’s doubly frustrating when we’re out with friends and Lola turns in the little madam who can only say ‘NO’,! I feel it’s a glimpse into the teenage years. I’m really not ready for that! She’s also starting to adopt her own sense of style. She will get herself dressed and accessorise her outfit accordingly. She can often be found with an arm full of bangles, a handbag from her collection of what seems like it could give Victoria Beckham’s handbag collection a run for its money, and lipgloss. Ok lipgloss. It’s clear and fruity, maybe has some glitter in it. I’ll allow that.

One thing we have done with Lola this past month or so, is got her into the habit of starting the day on a positive note. The mornings can be a grumpy time for all of us. I’m the first to admit it can take me a while to get going in the morning. So we’ve started our own little positive affirmation, we say ‘I’m going to have a good day today, I’m going to have lots of fun!’. It’s become a mantra that we say every morning to get us going. So far so good!

Frankie, my beautiful little dumpling has started to crawl this week all just a few days before turning 7 months old. I’m amazed at her hitting this milestone at this stage. YAY well done Frankie!! My little babe that still hasn’t got any teeth is crawling! We’ve had to move my dear little Buddha from his resting place because she’s taken a shine to him as well as other ornamental objects I had around the edges of the living room. We’ve yet to crack the sleeping all the way through the night though (yep this adds to my grumpiness in the morning) but one step at a time I guess!

Daddy & Lola

I couldn’t write this weeks blog without mentioning the major Dad points that Andrew got this week for flying home for one day from a very hectic work schedule abroad to watch Lola in her concert at school! Well done Daddy! You have made one little girl very happy!

Now the seventh month begins for Frankie, I’d better lock up my ornaments and baby proof the house, I await with bated breath for the next major milestone to come along…..

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