Ten reasons why a Labrador can make your life better…

1. They are ALWAYS willing to keep their humans seat warm

If said human decides, let’s say, that they wanted a cup of tea. The Labrador will without hesitation jump into the spot to keep it warm for them. They care so much about their humans comfort that the Labradors instincts can very often over ride the fact that it was their humans spot to begin with. They can become stubborn when asked to let their human back onto the spot.


2. Labradors are not indecisive

They’ll find what they like to watch on the tv and stick with it. Unlike husbands who flick through hundreds of channels, still unable to settle on one.


3. They are always willing to clean up after any human

Sitting under the table is usually prime spot for this around meal times.


4. Removing embarrassing situations

They will ensure the highly embarrassing situation of ‘apple sauce on the face’ will never happen to your baby.


5. They are forever willing to help their human by tidying up

They are particularly helpful with cuddly toys.


6. They fart like troopers

So their human always has someone to blame in case of emergencies.


7. Health

They are always thinking of their humans health and fitness and wanting to take them out for a walk come wind, rain or shine.


9. Labradors have excellent table etiquette

A human can invite their Labrador to a dinner party and not worry about boring conversation.


10. Lastly. You will always take a little part of them wherever you go

Literally, you will be covered in Labrador hair at all times.



So, what are you waiting for!? Improve your life with a Labrador! You will wonder how you ever survived without one!


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