A letter to my daughters 

Dear Lola and Francesca,

My sweet girls. Before you, I could only imagine what life would be like having children. I would try to think what you would look like. Would you have my nose or Daddy’s? Would you have blue or green eyes? When the both of you were born you were more beautiful than I ever could have invisged. Both so small and so helpless in the beginning. So precious and perfect.

I would hold your tiny body’s in my arms and stare at you for hours. I got little sleep in the early days but I somehow ran off the sheer amount of love I had for you both. From your births to now I have been there every step to see you grow into the amazing  daughters you are right now.


I hold your little hands and guide you as take your first steps in life. One day you will grow into women, I may not hold your hands so much but I will always be there for when you may need me, when life seems tough or you just need a good old hug.

Lola you are now 5, I’ve seen you take your first steps, I’ve left you at nursery on your first day and cried my heart out. I watched you proudly walk into school carrying your little book bag and hat and never felt such pride. I’ve listened to you read a book all by yourself for the first time. I’ve stood cheering you on from the sidelines and watched you swim a full length of the pool and run with your little legs in sports day.

You can plait my hair. You like to help me by washing the dishes and chopping the vegetables. You are now able to teach me new things as you’re learning so many things in school.

You have an infectious laugh. We all can’t help but laugh along with you. Your sense of humour takes me back to my own childhood.

You also have patience, to sit and learn something new. I admire this in you. You are a budding artist, I love seeing all your drawings.

You are beautiful. Not only on the outside but within. You are kind, caring and you have a wonderful sense of empathy towards other beings. I can’t tell you how proud both Daddy and I were that you got star of the week for being a kind friend at school as we try to teach you how important it is to be nice even when people can be mean.

You are growing up into a beautiful young lady before my eyes. Everyday you seem a little taller and little more clued up about the world. There is no tricking you anymore.

Francesca, my little Frankie, you are the sweetest little girl. You are 8 months old and already making your mark on our lives. I feel like you’ve always been here. We’ve known you all along.

You decided to crawl at 7 months, if that wasn’t enough you pulled yourself up and now you walk around the furniture shouting Dada, Mama, Amber, Louis. There is no stopping you.

At 8 months you are still as soft as a newborn. You are so gentle and love to be in Mummy’s or Daddy’s arms snuggling yourself in, getting as close as you can.

You love your big sister. You have a beautiful dimple that shows when you smile and laugh. Lola only has to look at you and that smile lights up the room.

You are full of happiness and that happiness follows you wherever you go.

I burst with pride every day just to be able to call you my daughters. To see the both of you together I feel so lucky. Being your Mummy is everything .

My hand will always be there hold yours when you need me. But as you grow I wish that you have the strength to face challenges with confidence. But mostly, my true desire is that you live your lives filled with love surrounded by those that make you happy.

Laugh everyday. Sing your hearts out. Make up silly dances and tell the silliest jokes. Never be afraid to follow your dreams. Always give something new a go but take care and make wise decisions . Visit interesting places. Be kind to all those you meet. Enjoy every minute. And never forget how much you are loved.

Always and forever,

Mummy xx

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