Blue & white stripes..

So my family and I are off on holiday in July to Thailand. We decided after a whole hot summer in Dubai last year and me being heavily pregnant that we were due a break somewhere that was completely new to us. The annual homage back to the UK has been postponed. We’ve made the most of our position in being in the global hub of the Middle East, and we’re travelling to the other side of the globe.

This means holiday shopping. We plan on exploring various parts of southern Thailand. Ive been interested in Bhuddhism for a long time so of course there will be temple visits. Now I know being respectful and dressing modestly is important when visiting sacred places so I found this great blue and white striped shirt in H&M. It’s light and cool which I will most likely team it with a light loose fitted pair of trousers when I’m visiting places of modesty. It’s so light though that it’ll also be a great cover up from coming from the beach or pool. It’s been perfect for the current Dubai climate too.

Outfit links..

Shirt 89 AED

Top 49 AED

Belt 39 AED

Shorts 59 AED

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