Thank goodness for the Summer holidays!

FullSizeRenderYay! We made it through what seemed like a long long school year and we’re on the other side, an extra hour in bed, happier. It’s the Summer holidays!

I’m saying ‘thank goodness for that, because the school run for me is probably the most stressful part of the day. And here is why. Firstly, we wake up. Now on a good morning I will have been given at least 5 or 6 hours sleep by my little darling Frankie. It kills me is when she wants to wake up at 2am, 3am and 4am to play, talk, laugh and make a lot of noise. She starts by shouting the dogs names and giggling to herself, Frankie can be a noisy little bugger at the best of times.

So we’ve been awake since an ungodly hour and my alarm now tells me it’s 5.30am – it’s time to get ready for the day. Frankie has to come everywhere with me because if I’m out of out sight the world is ending for her. So, I’m having a quick shower with an 8 month old baby sat in the bath with me, just making sure that I’m ok of course.

We painfully prize Lola out of bed by pulling the blinds up, if she refuses to move I’ll drag the covers off which of course makes matters worse. Miss grumpy does not want to get out of bed so as you can imagine I’m trying to get a 5 year old up, washed, dressed, teeth cleaned and hair done with an 8 month old bouncing along on my hip shouting if not screeching important baby babble. All the while I’m running around getting myself looking reasonably presentable. (I totally get that news article that said there were a group of Mums back in the UK we’re dropping their kids at school in their PJs – so much easier!)

Eventually we all make it downstairs. Now that Lola is up I can put Frankie down as she loves the attention off her. I can make breakfast but not before the dog run. I can NEVER make the the mistake of making breakfast before the dogs are out as they are two little scavengers when it comes to food. There is no obstacle for Mrs claw paw who’s mastered the art of stretching her paw across the table to retrieve anything out of reach.

Balls thrown, fed and watered they go back to their doggy quaters for a bit while I dish up breakfast for the humans. For Lola, a plate of jam on toast or porridge with fruit, normally followed by the phrase ‘I don’t like that Mummy’… ‘FFS! ‘Just eat it! We’ve got 7 minutes before we get in the car!’…’And put your shoes on for the tenth time!!!’

With one and half minutes to go an audible rumble in Frankies direction followed by the stench of something rotten can only mean one thing. The poonami has happened. Arggghhh. Run to the bathroom and hose it down! A change of clothes later and were 5 minutes late!

At this point I’m running round like a headless chicken making sure I’ve got the pe bag, the after school activity bag, the book bag, snacks, water bottle, this list goes on, then to my sheer annoyance I cant find the car key! I’m now feeling the stress. ‘I’ve had enough of this!’ Is a common phrase in this moment. All I can think is ‘I know I put it here on the side last night!’ I eventually find the key normally tucked under the tv cabinet or in the bottom of the toy box, there’s only one culprit who put it there…Frankie! She’s taken a shine to the car key, I must have left it on the sofa within her reach.

We finally make it to school. Living so close to the equator has meant for the last few weeks the walk from the car park to the classroom has felt like having an outdoor shower with the humidity. If you plan on having a neat and tidy hair do, think again, as it will end up either stuck down to your head with the lovely I’ve just been to the gym sweat look or more like you’ve had your finger in plug socket.

Thank goodness that the summer break is finally here as I can relax (a little). No more school run until September… yippee! I’m now on a summer holiday things to do mission. I’ve got both girls with me all day that need plenty of entertainment until we take ourselves off on our family holiday. Crafts, activities, play dates,  making sure Lola keeps up her learning, keeping the house tidy after the hurricane of toys has engulfed the house, saying no to more than an hour of Disney collector videos on YouTube…Oh the excitement. Will I still be saying thank goodness for that in a few weeks? That’s debatable, but for now I’m making the most of our easy mornings.

What do you do with your kids over the Summer break? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section throw you ideas this way!


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