Natural chic your bathroom..

My family and I, as a lot of expats do in Dubai, rent our home. Which means working with what we’ve got in terms of fixtures, fittings and decor. Interior Arabian decor tends to be dark woods and marble which is a tad different to what we’ve been used to back home.

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to spruce up our home interior without breaking the bank and without breaking down any walls.

In short of tearing the whole thing out, I really wasn’t sure what to do with our bathroom. The cabinets are dark wood and the counter tops are black and white marble, I’ve previously been used to minimal, light and pastels. What colours work with brown and black?



Luckily for me H&M Home and Ikea seemed to telepathically home in on my interior decor predicament and my dilemma was no more! All it needed was a natural touch! Because of this dark wood seems to be growing on me as I’ve began to work on the rest of the house, I love finding so much inspiration out there in stores, online and life in general!

Watch this space for more interior spruce ups!


Bathroom accessory links starting from top left from the picture:


Storage basket



Hand towel


Soap dispenser

Palm leaves



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