Our Baby-to-Toddler Toy Picks!

Frankie is my cheeky, always on the go toddler. She’s 14 months old, walking, talking and discovering all there is to be discovered for a little person. She’s in that transitional phase from babyhood to toddlerhood and Simple toys seem to fill her with so much inquisitiveness and enjoyment. What is very apparent is that toys that have a large number of buttons and flashing lights, can at times, be bamboozling for her young mind.

It seems the simpler the better, so here are some of the toddler picks that Frankie loves:

The Fisher-Price Chatter PhoneIMG_9625Who had one of these growing up?! According to my own Mum, I got hours of enjoyment with one of these when I was little. What’s not to love about a pull-along phone, with a friendly face with eyes that move up and down?! Frankie equally enjoys using hers and its been great for pulling along while she’s been perfecting her balance now that she’s walking!


The Moulin Roty Les Pachats Trolley WalkerIMG_9612Frankie took a shine to her friends walker around her first birthday so we knew we had to get one for her. This one is perfect as its so sturdy being made from solid wood which really aided her ability to walk. It has plenty of room to put lots of toys, treasures and whatever takes her fancy, as she moves along with it. It’s also amazing quality and looks gorgeous!


The Kidkraft Vintage Mini Kitchen

IMG_9620This is a favourite by all in our house. We’ve had this in our home since my older daughter Lola turned one and it’s still a go-to toy for her and now Frankie. We have it in our kitchen and the girls love to play with it together while I’m cooking. Once again it’s a sturdy wooden, well made and fantastic looking toy. It comes in other colours too and can be a great unisex toy!

The Ikea Duktig Kitchen Utensil Set

IMG_9621The perfect accompanying set for the Kidkraft kitchen! When she’s bored of the kitchen she loves to make lots of noise with the little pans!

The Vilac Depius 1911 Farmhouse

IMG_9615This is an all round great toy. Great for learning animal names and sounds, as well as perfecting fine motor skills for little hands. This is another wooden toy that has been built to last. Frankie uses this frequently and is currently trying to figure out which hole each animal will fit into although she’s still not quite there yet…

The Ikea Mula Stacking Rings 

IMG_9617You’ve got to love Ikea for their simple inexpensive toys! Frankie loves to play with this, and I have to say that before having Frankie I worked with 2 – 2.5 year olds for a couple of years at a preschool and this was a favourite there too! The simple act of stacking the rings and taking them off again repeatedly seems to be very engaging indeed!

The Early Learning Centre Wooden Activity Bricks

IMG_9616Frankie currently enjoys chucking these all over the floor then collecting them in her walker. But as she gets older they will be great for her hand-eye co-ordination skills, and learning shapes and colours. So far she’s learnt the colour red by me repeatedly showing her the red brick. She can’t say the word ‘red’ yet but she can show me the colour by picking up the correct brick.

The Ikea Mula Building Beakers


Another simple Ikea toy. These are great for learning about colours and perfecting those all important hand-eye skills.

The Moulin Roty Xylophone

IMG_9613A brilliant little instrument for making lots of noise, learning a few musical notes and practising colours!

So these are the toys Frankie likes to play with daily, perfect for toddlers with ants in their pants and a need to be noisy! What toys does your toddler love? I’d love to hear from you and get some inspiration as Christmas approaches!






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