3 reasons why I need to Woman Up in 2018

Woman up and get off the sofa!

OK I am motivated as I do excercise, and I relalise this is the most cliché new year resolution, but I am desperate to get back, or close to, my pre Frankie clothes. Or one peice of clothing in paticular, it’s the one item of my clothing that sees more midriff squeezed into the wrong places than I dare look at! I could blame it all on having a baby taking up all my time but if truth be told though I have found myself slumped on the sofa more times than I should have in the last 16 months. I really could have been out on a walk or something as equally as blub burning. I most certainly need to tell myself to get motivated and stop scoffing all the chocolate!

Woman up and admit that breastfeeding a toddler can be hard work!

This is a hard one to admit because I feel like im betraying my youngest Frankie who loves the Mummy Milk Bank more than life! The entire span of 2017 was about boob feeding. Hand on heart I loved it, it made me feel content and empowered as a women. I also felt a complete sense of accomplishment that my baby and I had got through the whirlwind first few months and breastfeeding became second nature to us. However, after 16 months of breastfeeding I’m feeling ready to get the ball moving forward, recently I’ve moaned more about it than bigging it up as being the best thing since sliced bread. I’m hoping this admittance on my part is the first step in weaning my now toddler aka my little boob monster off me. Perhaps its nature saying its time too? I feel I’ve given her the best start in life that I can physically muster but ‘I’m pretty tired now’ if I say so myself. I will take the gently does it approach though, as I may be ready, but Frankie really isn’t. Any tips mamas?

Woman up and leave my parental woe of 2017 behind me!

When I was a child I was a prankster, cheeky, energy bound and to an extent devilish at times. I was that kid who put mash potato in people’s shoes and ran in screaming “wooo” with my arms in the air at parties.  I wonder how my poor mother coped at times but I grew up in a time where I could hop on my bike and burn off energy outside without constant parental supervision.  Lola is quiet, gentil, studious and shy, and for the most part inherently good. She has the odd temper tantrum but she is a human being after all. I know you may be thinking are you insane complaining about a well-behaved child but there have times I have struggled to relate and felt frustration that my quiet girl isn’t getting in the middle of the goings on but rather watching from the sidelines taking it all in.

Dad is organised and anal in the way he rides through life on the other hand I am chaotic and winging it most of the time.  It seems my parental woe comes from my misshapen ideas about the way DNA works. When in fact the gene pool likes to throw us a curve ball when we have kids. We are *NEWS FLASH TO MYSELF* all completely different! We truly don’t reproduce clones of ourselves!

Do I really want a wild child on my hands? Probably not! Something tells me Frankie inherited a few more of those genes from me and I’ll be slapping my own wrists for willing cheeky misdemeanors into my life in the not so distant future.. But for Lola, Its time for me to woman up and accept her differences like a grown up!

Are you giving yourself a kick up the bum to woman (or man) up this year? I’d love to hear why!





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11 thoughts on “3 reasons why I need to Woman Up in 2018

  1. I’m totally with you on the – woman up and get off the sofa! I do chores everyday with my little one but I know it’s not enough to really get to where I want to be. I might try to start a mommy walking group in my area…. maybe we will eventually start jogging, maybe 😂

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  2. Great goals! I agree with it being hard to accept ways our children are different than us sometimes. But letting go of the idea they will be just like us makes it easier to meet them where they are. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. I am trying to turn over a new leaf this year as well. I have been a little lazy in many parts of my life, including parenting. This year I want to be more involved and allow myself to feel defeated when I actually am.

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