Adventure Diaries : Exploring Hatta

The weather is perfect for outdoor life at the moment with temperatures in the early twenties during the day, so we’re trying to explore as many outdoor places as we can while can! We took ourselves on a road trip to Hatta which is on the border of Dubai and Oman.

It was roughly a one and half hour trip from Dubai for us to take the mountainous route avoiding the check points. It’s safe to say the scenery does not disappoint!

If you want to get a real glimpse of the desert then camels and sand dunes there are a plenty of! Then there is the stunning Hatta Dam. We didn’t take our swimmers this time but if we had have taken them along there is kayaking and peddle boating on offer!




C U L T U R E 

We then got our cultural fix at Hatta Heritage Village with a historical glimpse into how the locals once lived!




IMG_3523 2


All in all it was a great day out for getting outdoors in the cooler months with kids in tow! If you don’t mind taking a long-ish road trip then it’s definitely worth a visit!

I’d love to hear from fellow Dubai/UAE expats or those of you that may be travelling in the area for more ideas while the weather is so good!


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