14 Days Of Gratitude : Reducing Motherhood Stress

Mummying is a constant of crazy, wonderful and tough old days. Through the haze of the goings on we can often miss the small things. Stress takes over and things can seem a bit, shoddy.

My Mummying life is no exception, I am often caught up in stress inducing situations. It’s usually involving me frantically looking for important missing objects or something else like having a mind curdling migraine from broken sleep. Situations like these can be painfully drawn out over an entire morning, sometimes an entire day and the only solution (apart from wine) is to go to bed…to yet more broken sleep.

Is it just a given fact that Mum life equals a stress life..? 

You may be one of the lucky souls that takes things in her stride but I am most certainly  what can only be described as a ‘stress head’ at times. I do have great days, but sometimes, I get annoyed at life and things seem hard and unfair and just a tad rubbish. Someone who knows me well (husband) suggested I try this 14 days of gratitude journal out just to see if I could;

A) Stop sending moany futile text messages throughout the day about the mess in girls rooms, the missing tv remote, my missing make up bag, that bloody car key that has legs, the insane school run, long drawn out tantrums, when the dog eats ALL of my dinner , brushing a carpets worth of pet hair off all our clothing before we walk out the door each day..etc, etc, etc

B) See if it curbs the Mum stress..

C) See if it gives me a better outlook everyday..

1 4  D A Y S  O F  G R A T I T U D E . . 


Each day I had to write a few sentences about my thoughts on the following;

Today I appreciate..

Today I am grateful for..

My favourite part of the day was..

I won’t show you the whole journal as you may be here a while, so here are the day 1, 7 & 14 entries.

Day 1

Today I appreciate Mummy and daughter time with Frankie, although we miss Lola while she’s at school, its nice to do toddler friendly activities and have one on one time together.

Today I am grateful for the rain! It reminds me of home and makes the dusty Dubai air so fresh!

My favourite moment of the day was seeing Frankie really experience the rain for the first time. Her little face, full of wonderment was truly priceless.

Day 7

Today I appreciate my extremely hard-working husband. He’s travelling again surviving off coffee, very little sleep and missing his family.

Today I am grateful for the time to read my girls a bedtime story together. It then becomes a time to reflect on the day, get things off our chests and put our woes to bed..

My favourite part of the day was picking Lola up from school and finding all about her amazing day at school. I love hearing about who she played with, what she ate for lunch and what she learnt.

Day 14

Today I appreciate how much my hand writing has improved over the course of 14 days! I need to hand write things more often!

Today I am grateful for having the opportunity to live in one of the most fantastic, vibrant places I have ever been too!

My favourite part of the day was meeting a new like-minded Mummy and chatting for ages about all things baby, life, Mummying – basically everything I love!

I also included throughout the journal some of the most important things in my life, my health, my babies, my lovely other half, my amazing lovable dogs who keep me motivated every day and being fully capable of living my life to the best it can possibly be!


By sitting down just for a few moments each day to write about my thoughts seems to have a small but positive influence on the way I think about all of the laborious Mumming tasks. I know they still exist and at times they still drive me crazy, but by looking for a positive that I can say thanks for in any given situation, my outlook is a little better, calmer and I could say less stressful.

The idea of doing this for 14 days seems like a mere starting point.  I feel there is so much more room to grow and nurture my thoughts towards gratitude and positive thinking. There are so many things to be thankful for everyday so I plan to keep going and see where it takes me..

Mum life doesn’t always need to equal a stress  life!


Are you up for the 14 days of gratitude challenge? I would LOVE to know if your hectic Mum life seems a little easier if you use a gratitude journal? Please get in touch if you decide to give it a go!


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