Big Love to all of the Mums

Us Mums may have different ways of doing the parent thing, but fundamentally we are all on the same path, raising our little people with all the love in our hearts so that they may reach their potentials one day.

Status Mum

If I were to put a label on my current parent status then I would say I am a stay-at-home mum with my two littles. If truth be told I’m not too keen on that label as for me it conjures up images of the age-old housewife. In actual fact that couldn’t be further from the truth for our situation. What that status does mean for me however is that it’s probably the longest period of time that I haven’t been in (paid) work since I left school.

I do love that this status enables me to have this time with my children, I feel extremely lucky to be in this position, but admittedly there are days where I can feel stir crazy from the lack of adult interaction. The art of conversation although very endearing can be a tad limited with a 16 month old. Choosing a new pair of shoes and asking a toddler for an opinion can be a bit like asking a man his thoughts on colour palettes – there is just no joy in that..

The village of Motherhood

Something that happens to all Mothers is that we become part of something special. All the Mamas, Mummys and Momas become members of a village of amazing women that have a deep understanding of each other. We know what a 3am feed feels like and we know what a toddler tantrum can do to our brains – nothing short of scramble them!

I think it’s fair for me to show some love for all the wonderful Mothers who have helped me stay sane and made me see I’m absolutely not alone!

Big love Mama’s

To the Mums I meet in the park, I thank you for listening to me, a perfect stranger, tell you how many times my child woke in the night and how tired I am. Thank you for knowing how that feels and encouraging me to carry on.

To the other stay-at-home Mums. I know how much you love your time with your kids but I also know how you long to do something child-free from time to time. Our sanity needs it!

To the working Mums, I see you dropping your kids off at school in the morning before heading straight off to work. I know how hard you work because you have two jobs! You are simply amazing. I was once a working Mum myself and though my child was at nursery while I worked I still thought of her every moment and worried about her. My mothering didn’t simply ‘switch off’ and I know yours doesn’t either!

To the embarrassed Mum at the checkout with the screaming child as you’re refusing to give in to their sugary treat demands, do not despair. We’ve all been there, more than once! You absolutely rock for not giving in to them and on the other hand you absolutely rock for thinking ‘sod it’. If it restores the peace, c’est la vie!

To the Mums I meet in lifts, ques, cafe’s and shopping malls. I love how we quickly compare notes and have a quick chat followed by laughter. If we didnt see the funny side of having 2 hours sleep in 2 days we would definitely cry.

To the Mums before us Mums, the Nans and Grandmas. Thank you for your kind words of wisdom and sharing your sweet memories. You remind me that this time is precious and we have to make the very best of our situations!

Lastly, thank you to the Mums who call me thier friend. You sit and listen to my mothering ups and downs and never judge. You will join me from time to time to let off steam, somtimes child-free! You have become part of essential network that help to keep me going, offering advice and very importantly someone I can enjoy a cocktail with when the time calls!

A huge big love to you all!


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12 thoughts on “Big Love to all of the Mums

  1. Just an hour ago I was the embarrassed mum 🙂
    Love that post – indeed every mum is wonderful in her way because what we all want at the end of the day is the very best for our children!

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      1. Chocolate in sight and tired is not a good combination 🙂 I have to admit, I gave in but it wasn’t lasting long – the only “cure” was sleep and now he’s an angle snuggle up in bed.

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    1. Absolutely, I have days where I think I may go mad, but once I get out and start seeing other Mums in the same boat its such a relief. I thinks its quite important to try and not mope around the house all day if we can. Even a quick 30 minute walk to the local shops, make up free, hair scraped back can be all it takes to feel a little more normal


  2. I enjoyed reading your post. No matter where we live or what we do – we – mums – are a great community. We may live far from each other but we will still happily support each other through powerful posts! Thank you for sharing!

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