Dear sweet sweet sugary things

Dear sweet sweet sugary things,

I know that you and I have had a long-lasting, loving and giving relationship. I love you and you give unconditionally to me. You never fail to give to me all the carbohydrates, chocolaty delights and heavenly cakes that I so crave on a daily basis. For that, I will always have fond mouth-watering memories.

But here is the thing sweet sweet sugary things, I now need you to sweetly sweetly bugger off! Because I’ve realised something about you and that is that you are bad, so very very bad!

You reel me in with your shiny wrapping and delicious smells, you forever tempt me with your warm oozing chocolate cookies or your mountainous m&m encrusted milkshakes, but I have to say no more, sweet sweet sugary things! I’m replacing your empty calories with wholesome, kinder and all round full-of-goodness, fruits and vegetables.

I cannot deny that I will miss you sweet sweet sugary things. I will crave you. Oh, how I will crave you. But it’s time for us to part ways as I have to put me first. It’s time to give myself some self-love so that I can be the best version of me. I hope you can understand?

We came along way together, you got me through the early days of back to back booby feeding as all I wanted was to dunk your delectable chocolate digestives in my tea. However SSST, the time has moved on and my thighs are sick of wobbling and my tummy is tired of being squeezed into jeans two sizes too small.

I know someday soon you will find someone who will love you again, but be sure to love them back kindly and moderately!

So long sweet sweet sugary things, so long…



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