Simple Summer Berry Cooler

“What are we going to do this afternoon Mummy?”

I hear this phrase on a daily basis and its now soaring towards the 40s here in Dubai, so as you can imagine being outside mid-afternoon after the school run is pretty much off limits.

So, what can we do that keeps the kids busy and doesn’t mean an afternoon in the dreaded soft play center?

Something that involves a lot of chopping and allows the kids to be fully involved and immersed in what really is incredibly simple and gives us a deliciously healthy & fruity treat at the end. Yay!

From my experience with kids, I’ve learned that they love to chop things up. I remember the kids at the preschool I used to work in would sit with their fruits, chopping board, and plastic knife and really go to town on the fruit. Similarly, Lola, my own daughter has loved doing the same since she was able to stand up!

Chopping fruits is great for:

  • Giving a sense of what Mummy or Daddy does when we cook in the kitchen.
  • Perfecting fine motor skills.
  • Teaches them how to use a knife responsibly (even if it is plastic and harmless).

So my darling girls, in answer to your earlier question, ” you’re going to chop some fruit up this afternoon”!

Simple Summer Berry Coolers





No added sugar pineapple Juice

So simple eh?

We often buy organic, no, we’re really not food snobs, it’s just that when it comes to fruit it tends to taste so much better organic and anything without chemicals is always a bonus!


1. Chop



2. Eat some of the fruit



3. Blend & add pineapple Juice to taste


4. Pour into ice lolly moulds


5. Add lolly sticks (and have a sneaky taste of the fruit)



6. Leave in freezer for 2 hours…




It kept the girls busy for about 45 minutes while they chopped away, of course, you can just throw the fruit in the blender but the chopping part was the fun bit for the kids and they got a healthy treat for after dinner!

What are your simple and fun activities to keep little hands busy this Summer?




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