Is it possible to have a drug free birth?

t h e s t e a d y l i f e

Both of my children’s births will remain etched in my mind as a significant life-changing, wonderful event, but their birth stories are two different tales.

I am grateful that both my girls arrived safely and I was in one piece afterward, but this story is one of the reasons I began this blog.

There is a stigma behind hypnobirthing that it’s a rather a bit of hippy-dippy nonsense and women are not able to birth without a maraud of medically trained individuals, poking, prodding, injecting, inducing and whatever else to bring a baby into the world. But that is simply not the case.

Don’t be fooled by the term ‘hypnobirthing’. I most certainly was not hypnotised whilst I gave birth, rather I was in control, calm and I allowed my body to give me the cues, as I trusted that it knew exactly what to do!

I believe in my…

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