Baby products I wished I’d had as a first-time​ mummy

When I had my first baby in 2011, apart from meeting my new, beautiful, little bundle of joy, I didn’t really know what else to expect when starting out as a brand new Mum. I was so excited to see her for the first time that I naively overlooked some of the practicalities of first time motherhood. The most important bits and bobs I sought out to buy were small pink items of clothing and beautiful pieces of furniture for her nursery. 

By the time I had my second baby girl in 2016 I had learned some useful motherhood lessons. Newborn babies need only simple basics and Mums need practical products to ease them in their parenting journey. Fancy outfits and beautiful pieces of nursery furniture, although look incredibly cute, are really not necessities in the beginning.

Reusable cloth nappies


The seller for me, is the lack of chemicals, as disposable nappies do contain chemicals which are thought to contribute to nappy rash. Reusable nappies are also better for the environment as long as they are washed on an economy wash and hung out to dry, which is perfectly suited to desert weather as the sun is also antibacterial! They can help with potty training too as the little one is able to tell when they are wet. Initially they will cost more but hopefully, there will be less cost and fewer emergency runs to the shop for packs of nappies in the long run!

A practical breastfeeding shawl


When I was out and about I quickly learned that a breastfeeding cover that only covered the front of my body wasn’t going to cut it. If I had to lift my top to give access to my baby my back would be on show including my side. I needed a cover that reached right around my back of my body so a shawl with a poncho design seemed to work best!

Breast shells 


Breastfeeding my first baby was so incredibly painful, my boobs just didn’t heal the entire time and sadly we only lasted a few months. Luckily I discovered breast shells the second time which sat on my boobs in between feeds and gave them that all-important chance to heal. After using them we were able to continue our breastfeeding journey with ease.

A Snuz Pod 


Baby number one has a Moses basket which she grew out of at 3 months and had me up and down all night like a yo-yo to pick her up for feeds and nappy changes. Baby number two had the co-sleeping Snuz Pod. Unlike the Moses basket, my second girl lasted in it until 6 months as it was much more sturdy than the Moses basket and roomier. The fact that it attached right next to the bed meant that all I had to do for feeds and changes was sit up and swoop her up then place her back down when we’d finished. It certainly eased those whirlwind nights in the newborn stage!

Extra large soft organic muslin swaddles


These things are so useful. They can be a blanket, a swaddle, a breastfeeding shawl because they are much bigger than a regular muslin cloth, a comforter and even a sunshade for the stroller! In particular, they can be the perfect blanket for hotter climates as the material is so light, soft and breathable. When using as a stroller sunshade I’d drape it over the hood and always leave a good-sized gap at the bottom to allow air to circulate, I would never cover the entire seat.

So there you have some of my ‘wished I’d of had’ items back in 2011 for baby number one. Do you have any favourite products from your Mummy journeys that you couldn’t be without?

Amy x

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